Michael Napoleon

Technically advanced Java Developer with 20+ years of experience in designing, developing and delivering software applications using Java technologies. Offering strong expertise in multiple areas of software lifecycle from development to deployment.

Work History

Clearcover (2021-present)

Senior Software Engineer III

  • Engineer on the Configuration & Customization scrum team. This team was responsible for the development and configuration of systems to decrease the company’s loss ratio.
  • Coordinated the work, testing, deployment, release and monitoring of state-by-state product updates. This included various aspects of the insurance product.
  • Lead contributor and maintainer of brand new Kotlin/Spring based microservice to assess risk of customer policies.
  • Managed deployment and configuration of test environments to allow ease of development and testing.
  • Led team and mentored new developers and technical analysts as team grew and team responsibilities changed.
  • Worked closely with product management and the insurance product teams to gather requirements and provide answers to questions about the system’s current capabilities.

Vertex (2007-2021)

Senior Lead Software Engineer

  • Developed a Spring based REST application to generate reports from an AWS Athena based data store. Application was replacing an existing reporting application that fronted a SQL Server data store. Reports had to mimic old implementations to ensure no loss of use to the end user.
  • Contributed to a new process to ingest data directly into Athena/S3 data store for reporting purposes. Java based process that handled incoming files in S3, performed some preprocessing and produced ORC files for faster query times in Athena.
  • Supported deployment of both the reporting of application as well as the data ingestion into AWS environments.
  • Integral part of team tasked with modification of deployment of key software and related infrastructure. Deployment went from CFT base infrastructure and manually created AMIs to packer based AMIs, terraform infrastructure and deployments controlled via Jenkins.
  • The application pipeline was changed to programmatically allow the activating and terminating of instances in auto-scaling groups that reacted to configuration changes to the data in the application
  • AWS technologies S3, SNS, SQS, Lambdas, Step Functions, auto-scaling groups and load balancers were all used to accomplish this task.
  • Took ownership of REST to SOAP connector from another team and converted the delivery/deployment model from a jar with no formal build process to one with a full Jenkins build pipeline and infrastructure deployment.
  • New infrastructure deployment model for auto-scaling of applications on EC-2 instances to support large customers doing 10k transactions a minute to spikes of 50k-60k transactions per minute.
  • Contributed as part of a large team to a new enterprise level tax product using the Spring stack, MyBatis, Maven and Flex UI.
  • Performed migration of product from a JSP/Java Servlet based architecture to a Flex UI/Java Web Services architecture.

NDMA (2006-2007)

Web Developer

  • Contributed to development of a web based health portal. Development was Java, JSP and HTML based with a Struts architecture.

Iron Mountain (2006)

Software Specialist

  • Java development on an inventory system.

Unisys Corp (1999-2006)

Software Engineer

  • Contributed to the performance benchmark tasks associated with the NX Series of mainframes. This included setting up machines,hardware and software, for benchmark run. Recording and reporting results of benchmarks.


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Syracuse University (1995-1999)

Bachelors of Science - Computer Science