Personal Projects

Deadball Player Generator

The Deadball Player Generator is an api that creates baseball players for roll and write baseball game Deadball by W.M. Akers. It follows the rules set out in the Creating Players chapter. It is not yet a complete implementation of the rules.

The api documentation can be found here. This particular version of Deadball Player Generator is implemented using Python and the FastApi framework. The code can be examined in the deadball-player-generator repo.


render-cli is my attempt at creating a command line tool for the render platform. It also gave me an excuse to do some more Python development using both the Click library as well as the Rich library. It was an exercise to keep learning more Python while doing something I found interesting.

I even went as far as publishing it as a package at PyPi and it can be found here.

When I started writing it Render had no command line tool of it’s own but they do now and it should be used rather than mine. Information about the official render cli.